Wyoming Mail Forwarding with YourWyomingOffice

Here at YourWyomingOffice, we offer you Wyoming mail forwarding at a great value. The way we do this is by creating three separate service options that each serve their own function and allow you to feel that no matter which you choose, you’ve made the best decision. Lucky for you, our Wyoming mail forwarding service is included when you purchase a Wyoming Corporation, Wyoming LLC, or partner with us as your Wyoming resident agent.

The way it works is that upon listing us as your Wyoming registered agent, you get a unique Wyoming address by which to receive your mail! Then the three mail forwarding options listed below become available for you to choose from, and we scan the appropriate items of mail.

Service Options

5 Scans per year - Free

For the basic, free option, we open and scan up to 5 items of mail per year,* sending it to you digitally. If you would like the original, physical piece of mail, you can request it for $15.

10 Scans per year - $50

In this second option, not only do we double your annual scan amount to 10, but each scan after that is offered at a competitive $5 each.

10 Mailings per year - $50

In the third option, there is no opening and scanning. Instead, we will same-day-forward 10 items of mail per year to you, again with only a $5 fee for each additional item.

What Counts as an Item

There are plenty of different kinds of mail you can receive, ranging from official Wyoming Secretary of State documents to spammy solicitors, plus everything in between. Mail from both those important officials and not-so-important solicitors don’t count towards your limit, thankfully for you, which means you aren’t being unfairly charged. The mail type you will receive, and is what’s counted as an item, is just standard, regular mail. What does that mean, exactly? Some examples of ‘real looking mail’ include handwritten letters and bank statements. Upon receiving those, as well as the official documents, we’ll scan them to you for online viewing. Depending on which of the options above you choose, junk mail may be disposed of upon its arrival.

Also: Wyoming Virtual Office

We also offer Wyoming virtual office service for $30 a month we will provide you with an actual 8-page lease with our landlord, and it includes your own unique 307 Wyoming Phone number. When you sign our lease, you will be assigned dedicated office space, as you’ll be leasing actual office space in Wyoming. Included with this option is the choice of whether you’d like us to open and scan your mail daily to your online account, or if you’d prefer that we simply scan the front of the letter and forward the item upon request. Having a Wyoming lease also provides you some further options to establish your Wyoming Nexus.We’ve written a page outlining how to get a Wyoming phone number for free.

*privacy clause about opening their mail?

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