Wyoming Limited Liability Company

Wyoming Registered AgentSeeing as you’re in Wyoming, creating a Wyoming business has little hassle. They charge a base $100 and a registered agent is required, but it gets you so much! First is the privacy you get, with no LLC managers or members being listed. This translates to not paying extra just for more members! Second, you don’t even have to live in Wyoming to get a Wyoming LLC, which also means you can open your bank anywhere! And finally, you can make your Wyoming business an S Corp or C Corp with the IRS.

In order to create a Wyoming LLC, the Articles of Organization require being filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Thankfully, since the process is also online, this can done instantly.

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Wyoming LLC Benefits

  • No requirement to store the LLC operating agreement in state

  • The ability to have a close LLC

  • Lower fees than Nevada

Filing for Yourself

Every Wyoming LLC is required to have a registered agent, so for a very competitive $25, we want to be that for you. But, if you would like to do that yourself, you can become a registered agent and avoid paying that $25. There is also a base fee of $100 for filing the Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State, no matter who does them.

The Articles of Organization can be filed through the mail or online. If the former, mail in the Articles and the State of Wyoming will mail back your verification for creating a Wyoming LLC! If the latter, the process is even easier and you can file online instantly.

Filing with Us

Unfortunately for you though, filing for an LLC and using your own information makes you very vulnerable and puts your privacy at risk. At Your Wyoming Office, we take that stress away by filing it for you in our name, as your safe, reliable registered agent. It would cost $100 for you to file by yourself, so for only $150, you get our help and guidance, as well as our name. The registered agent renewal fee is a competitive $25, while the state charges $52 to keep you status. Additionally, if you want a Wyoming 307 phone number for an affordable $10/month, your dream can become a reality with Your Wyoming Office.

Wyoming Registered AgentWhat kind of LLC endings can I have?

One’s that can:

  • The abbreviation LLC or LC

  • Periods may follow each letter (L.C.C.)

  • A comma may be placed inbetween the company name if desired. You can also write either: Limited Liability Company or Limited Company. And, should you wish to be unique you could have a mix and do: Limited Liability Co, Ltd. Liability Company, or Ltd. Liability Co. You cannot use corporation endings for LLC

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