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How Do I Move a Nevada Company to Wyoming?

Many people move their Nevada companies to Wyoming. Wyoming companies have obvious benefits. For example, the annual reports are a mere $20. This state does not charge income tax, yet is not broke, and there it is extremely easy to relocate or redomesticate. However, there is a special process that I outline in the next few paragraphs. This process should take approximately one week. Your company’s start date and EIN will remain the same throughout the entire process.

Steps to relocate a Nevada company to Wyoming:

If you have a certified copy of your documents already, they must include all amendments and be dated within the last 6 months. Your certificate of good standing must be dated within the past 30 days.

  1. First, you must order a Nevada certificate of good standing. You then need to obtain a certified copy of your  articles of incorporation or articles of organization. It is a long, tedious process to order a Nevada certificate of good standing online, but it can be done! First, create an account on the Nevada SOS, then verify your email address with them, place your request for a certificate, and then wait for them to process your request. Then, you will log in later to receive it. You can it it online here. Though this method is okay, there is a more effective one. First, ensure you have or have ordered a articles of organization for your Nevada company. You can’t accomplish this on their website. However, you can request a certificate of good standing. Here’s how to get the necessary supporting Nevada documentation:

This will cost at least $50.00 for the short form certificate of good standing and $30.00 for the certified copy. Processing will take approximately 2 weeks. Expediting your order will cost $250.00 instead of $80.00, but you will have your documents in 24 hours.

  1. Fill out the Wyoming Articles of Domestication

LLC Articles of domestication can be found here, and Corporation Articles of Domestication can be found here. You can see what kind of information it will ask and get used to the form.

You must have an unique Wyoming address. But, to have this it is necessary to move or buy a building in Wyoming. This is where a Wyoming Registered Agent comes in. When filling out your online forms, it asks you for a mailing, principal, and registered office address. Our Wyoming Registered Agent Services offers you an unique address to use on all of these. The best part is that we charge a mere $25 per year, the cheapest in Wyoming. There is a Registered Agent Consent form we must send you by mail, so it is best to sign up with us as soon as you can, before you do any other paperwork. We mail your orders same day, so sign uphere.

Here are some details to look out for while filing in Wyoming:

Send the filing to the Wyoming Secretary of State:

You will need:

Dissolve your Nevada LLC or Nevada Corporation:

The Secretary of State used to care if your Nevada LLC or corporation was dissolved or not, but this policy has changed. Wyoming does a great job making things easier on business owners. You used to have to spend copious amounts of time obtaining notarized articles of domestication. It was also required that you posses a copy of the dissolution filing. However, this put businesses under too much strain, so Wyoming got rid of the requirement, making this process significantly less complicated. Nevada does not share the belief that business affairs should be as easy as possible. They have dissolution filing fees from $50 to $100 in order to hit businesses hard as they’re going out. Some business owners chose to officially dissolve their Nevada LLC or corporation because they want it to be a closed, done deal. So, they go through the process of corporation dissolution. However, many simply don’t care. It’s your choice whether or not you want to dissolve your Nevada company officially or not. No matter your choice, Wyoming won’t care. When you miss the annual report date of your Nevada company, you will gain default status which will turn to revoked status after one year. After this, the state of Nevada views your company as finished.

Here are the forms to officially dissolve your Nevada LLC.:

If you never did any business operations or funded your NV LLC, you file this NV Certificate of Dissolution of a Limited Liability Company

If you never did anything with your Nevada Corporation, you can file this NV Certificate of Dissolution

If your Nevada Corporation has been operational, you can file this NV Certificate of Dissolution

If your LLC was functional and you had money in it, you file this NV LLC dissolution form

You can email any applicable forms to the State of Nevada and have them email it back to you. You can also pay the State of Nevada with a credit card.

Benefits of Wyoming Company vs a Nevada Company

While it may seem tedious to make the slow transfer from Nevada to Wyoming, it will be beyond worth the work because there are so many benefits to having a Wyoming LLC or a Wyoming Corporation instead of a Nevada company. The annual fees are much cheaper in Wyoming. The annual report fee alone being $50 per year makes up for the extra work. Nevada has extra income tax return which Wyoming does not, and Nevada is less private than Wyoming. Nevada charges LLCs $325 per year and corporations $500+ per year. Additionally, Wyoming provides certificates of good standing for free instantly, and a certified copy is only $3.00.

All of these reasons to move creates the question of who you should hire to help you maintain your Wyoming LLC.

How to Start a new Wyoming Company:

You can continue to use your Nevada EIN number in Wyoming to avoid and payment to Nevada. If you hire us to form a new Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation, we will only need 5 days and $150.

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