Form a Wyoming Corporation Online – $175 total

Incorporating in Wyoming is straight forward. You may file your articles of incorporation by yourself for $100, or you may contract a professional service. Ours costs $199. It includes your first year free of our registered agent service. Further, if you use our service then it will be one full year before you are required to submit information regarding officers and directors. This affords temporary anonymity.

We form Wyoming corporations every single day. There is no simpler or more efficient route to getting back to running your business than contracting our services. We only require a small amount of information to get your company up and running.

We are a popular corporate haven when compared to Nevada because of our lower annual fees, no taxes at any level and lower bureaucratic hurdles. Included in our package are your WY articles of incorporation, resolutions and bylaws. This is enough to get your company off the ground and is all available within 24hrs of payment. Allow us the pleasure of handling the hassle of incorporating in Wyoming so you can focus on business.

Wyoming Corps are relatively sought after. Wyo has managed to avoid running large budget deficit, has a large rainy day fund and doesn’t feel the need to harass its corporations with pernicious taxes and fees.

Step-by-Step for Incorporating a WY Corporation

1) Search for whether your desired name is available.
2) File your articles online with the Wyoming Secretary of State
3) Find a Registered Agent Service
4) Pay your filing fee online, or send paper copies and a check addressed to:
Wyoming Secretary of State
200 W 24th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Note, Corporations lack the same privacy as Wyoming LLCs. Directors and officers will eventually have to make their information public. Generally when the first annual report is filed. We can list our name for the first year, but again this is only a temporary measure. If privacy is extremely important to you, then please consider forming a Wyoming LLC.


If you still wish to proceed with a Wyoming C-Corp then click here to fill out the order form or here to contact us first.

Why choose Wyoming for your location?

1. The state doesn’t require shareholder ledgers
2. The state doesn’t hold stockholder information
3. Officers and directors may remain anonymous the first year.
4. Nominees can be avoided through using an LLC
5. Strong Asset Protection laws for firms and individuals
6. $52 a year makes it the cheapest state for renewal
7. No franchise taxes
8. No share count fees
9. Limited free Mail Forwarding/Scanning (Including International)

No Individual or Corporate Taxes. No taxes mean no state filings. Nevada recently surprised incorporators by levying a registration tax of $100 in addition to their hundreds of dollars in other fees.Single-Member Corporations. One person can be every officer officer and director of a corporation.

The same is true for LLCs.

Total Anonymity. Reports require one name and only report the assets located in Wyoming. Wyoming corporations do truly allow anonymous ownership. Low Regulation. Wyoming is culturally adverse to the bureaucratic regulations of many states and there exists little change this. Nominee Officers And Directors. Nominees can afford your corporation an enhanced level of privacy at a low cost.

Bylaws are not required to be maintained (but we supply them anyway).

Our Wyoming Corp Kit Includes:

Our $150 total Wyoming Corp package includes:

1. All taxes and fees.
2. First year free for statutory agent and registered office services
3. Use of our address for the principal address
4. Use of our address for the mailing address
5. Limited Mail Forwarding or Mail Scanning (Including International Mail Forwarding)
6. Our signature is used for the incorporator
7. We will scan a copy of your filed articles to your account and mail you an original.
8. Ensure compliance state laws
9. A secure online portal for managing your Wyoming corporation

You are free to choose. You may either file the necessary paperwork yourself, and use us as your registered agent, or choose us to help you incorporate in Wyoming and not worry about the paperwork. We assist Wyoming corporations everyday and will strive to earn your work. Learn more about C-Corps here.


Wyoming Limited Liability Company

Seeing as you’re in Wyoming, creating a Wyoming business has little hassle. They charge a base $100 and a registered agent is required, but it gets you so much! First is the privacy you get, with no LLC managers or members being listed. This translates to not paying extra just for more members! Second, you don’t even have to live in Wyoming to get a Wyoming LLC, which also means you can open your bank anywhere! And finally, you can make your Wyoming business an S Corp or C Corp with the IRS.

In order to create a Wyoming LLC, the Articles of Organization require being filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Thankfully, since the process is also online, this can done instantly.

Read below to see which route best suits your needs.

Wyoming LLC Benefits

No requirement to store the LLC operating agreement in state

The ability to have a close LLC

Lower fees than Nevada

Filing for Yourself

Every Wyoming LLC is required to have a registered agent, so for a very competitive $25, we want to be that for you. But, if you would like to do that yourself, you can become a registered agent and avoid paying that $25. There is also a base fee of $100 for filing the Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State, no matter who does them.
The Articles of Organization can be filed through the mail or online. If the former, mail in the Articles and the State of Wyoming will mail back your verification for creating a Wyoming LLC! If the latter, the process is even easier and you can file online instantly.
Filing with Us

Unfortunately for you though, filing for an LLC and using your own information makes you very vulnerable and puts your privacy at risk. At Your Wyoming Office, we take that stress away by filing it for you in our name, as your safe, reliable registered agent. It would cost $100 for you to file by yourself, so for only $150, you get our help and guidance, as well as our name. The registered agent renewal fee is a competitive $25, while the state charges $52 to keep you status. Additionally, if you want a Wyoming 307 phone number for an affordable $10/month, your dream can become a reality with Your Wyoming Office.

What kind of LLC endings can I have?

One’s that can:

The abbreviation LLC or LC

Periods may follow each letter (L.C.C.)

A comma may be placed inbetween the company name if desired. You can also write either: Limited Liability Company or Limited Company. And, should you wish to be unique you could have a mix and do: Limited Liability Co, Ltd. Liability Company, or Ltd. Liability Co. You cannot use corporation endings for LLC

Learn about legitimizing your foreign LLC
Foreign LLCs Wanting to Operate in Wyoming


Learn about Corporations, Virtual offices and mail forwarding!

It is not infrequent for foreign LLCs (non-Wyoming) to want to operate in Wyo. If this is you, then before your limited liability corporate can legally operate you must register. To register your foreign Wyoming LLC you apply for a certificate of authority from your state of domestication.

Those overseas should not be confused into thinking they require a foreign LLC. This is incorrect. They should use the same Wyoming LLC as everybody else. Follow this link for more information on our Wyoming LLC incorporation services and here for our WY C-Corp services.

For A WY Certificate of Authority

Begin by doing a corporate name search in your home state. Write your name down exactly as it appears.

From your Secretary of State order a certificate of good standing.

Decide on the best Wyoming registered agent service. We charge $40 and include some Free Mail Forwarding/Scanning.

Complete the certificate of authority application. If you choose us, though, this will be in your customer portal when you first login.

Receive the certificate from your state of domestication (step 2).

Combine the certificate from your state of domestication with a signed certificate of authority for your LLC.

We will mail you an original registered agent consent form signed by us when you place your order. Combine this consent form with your two certificates, include one copy and a $100 check, to the WY SoS:

State Capitol Building
Room 110 200 West 24thform a wyoming llc
Cheyenne, WY 82002

You will receive a filed copy. You can speed up receiving your documents by doing a Wyo business name search and downloading them from there.

To Clarify: Foreign WY LLCs do not originate in a foreign country. Rather, they are limited liability corporations which have been formed under the laws of a different state. To operate legally in the state you must register. It’s nothing too complicated and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

For example, some people form Nevada Corporations, but want to operate in Wyoming for a variety of reasons. They will do so by requesting a N.V. certificate of status, and following the above steps for how to register foreign Wyoming LLCs.